Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Executive Director Message - June 2017 - Even at Full Blast, Think Safety!

It seems as if everything is on full blast this time of year. Simply put, there is a lot going on with the association this month. We successfully held another Lunch and Learn in June on asphalt binder, we're gearing up for the golf tournament in August, we're working through some additional specification work on preservation treatments, working to get a meaningful certification program up and off the ground, and we are trying to get out and visit job sites, projects, and demos. While there is a lot going on, my one request this month is that we all take an extra minute to focus on safety.

Granted, we're in the heart of the season now, so many things can become routine if we are not careful. However, part of the challenge our industry faces is the large amount of turnover in workforce development from year to year. So what might seem routine for some of our most seasoned crews and coworkers, may be brand new and relatively challenging to those new on the job or position. Please, in all of this, take a moment to focus on safety, focus on those individuals, and focus on getting everyone home safe at night after a long day of work helping to keep Utah moving through some of the best infrastructure and roads in the country.

Thanks for all of the good you do. Please be sure to join us in August at the 6th Annual UAPA Golf Classic at Mountain Dell Golf Course as we try to give a little something back to you and to those in our community who need a little extra help from our industry.

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