Friday, October 25, 2013

Executive Director's Message UAPA Newsletter October 2013

I had the privilege a few days ago to join with a UAPA member in hosting some students from the University of Utah as they took a tour of all the steps that go into making a good road – from mining to production, these civil and environmental engineering students were given a first-rate tour that they will not soon forget.

Throughout the entire tour, I was amazed at the level of engagement from the students.  Their questions were insightful and their responses to the inquires we asked of them were enlightening.  Take, for example, that most of the students, despite their excellent education, did not know that asphalt pavements are America’s most-recycled product.  At the time, I was glad to share this fact with them, but it also caused me to think about how we might do a better job of educating others about the benefits and versatility of asphalt pavements. 

Our Lunch and Learn Series for UAPA is a good start.  Coupled with the Utah Asphalt Conference each year, we are well on our way to filling a need here in the state.  More is on the way, however, and I hope that you will join us as we develop literature, training programs and certificates, and specifications that both provide and prove the value of the product which we provide. 

Both our Operations and our Technical committees are fully engaged in this effort.  It is an excellent time to become a part of the association.  We are crafting our vision for the future of the asphalt pavement industry in Utah and we want everyone to be a part of that – from students to sages in the profession, your input is vital.  Help us make a great industry become even better.

                                                                        -Reed Ryan
Executive Director

The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association

October UAPA Newsletter President's Message

Planning for the 2014 Utah Asphalt Conference is now in full swing.  At last year’s conference we had over five hundred registered attendees, forty vendors, and thirty-two educational breakout sessions that were second-to-none.  This year is promising to be just as great!

Registration for the conference attendees will open soon.  In the meantime, if you would like a booth or space to display some larger equipment in the Exhibit Hall, I would encourage you to reach out to Reed ( right away.  He will be happy to send you some more information and to reserve your space today.

As in years past, the quality of the education provided will be key to a successful conference in 2014.  If there is a particular subject you would like to learn more about, let us know!  If you would like to be a part of the planning committee, let us know!  The strength of this association comes from ideas both large and small.  We can do none of this without you, so let us know how we can make the conference in 2014 the best possible experience for you.  I look forward to seeing you there!

                                                                        -Joe Johnson
                                                                        Kilgore Companies
                                                                        UAPA President
                                                                        April 2013 – April 2014