Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Combining Forces to Improve Nigeria’s Road Infrastructure

Geneva Rock Products welcomed the Ministry of Works Department of the Nigerian Government to its Point of the Mountain Quarry in Draper last week as part of a cross-country educational partnership. The 19 member delegation came to Utah for a week-long introduction to Superpave asphalt technology. Guests included John Azubuike Ibe, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Public Works and Musa Ibrahim, PhD, the Ministry’s Director of Finance and Accounts.

After years of turmoil and political reconstruction, Nigeria is taking steps to improve state sponsored infrastructure country-wide. The Ministry of Works Department is currently transitioning from building traditional Nigerian roadways to using Superpave technology to improve longevity of their road systems. Geneva Rock was happy to be a resource for this education.
“We consider this a fabulous opportunity to not only build our community, but to help build the world,” said Jim Golding, President of Geneva Rock Products. “Sharing information through progressive relationships is simply another way we can give back in a format that provides great value.”

Monday, September 23, 2013

Utah’s Highway Boss Wants More Transparency, Collaboration

The Utah Department of Transportation has not been transparent enough about its decisions and spending, fueling scandals and eroding public trust.
Sometimes, the agency has been so focused on building big road projects quickly that quality concerns came second. And it has missed opportunities to partner with other agencies to reduce air pollution by connecting better with mass transit or adding bicycle lanes and better walkways.
Instead, they come from Carlos Braceras, UDOT’s new executive director.These criticisms come not from the environmentalists who often fight UDOT or the stuck-in-traffic commuters who often curse it.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Transportation Experts to Lawmakers: Problems Loom, Plans in Place

There is a looming problem with Utah’s transportation system, namely that cities, counties, the state, and the nation simply don’t have the money necessary to fund new projects while maintaining the system we currently have.
It is with that backdrop Thursday morning that lawmakers in the Transportation Interim Committee listened to ideas addressing the $26 billion shortfall expected to befall the state over the next 30 years—even with smart planning, the state is expected to be short $11 billion in current dollars by 2044.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

UAPA Makes Connor's Wish Come True

As a part of the UAPA Golf Classic, donations were collected for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The UAPA received the following in response:

Hi Reed,
Thank you for the generous donation of $2,600 from your golf tournament! I will let you know a final total when Dixon comes in with their donation. I have attached the wish story of the child you have helped to sponsor! Also the Utah fact sheet of information!

Let me know if you need anything else!

With regards,

A wish for Connor

7-year-old Connor has A.L.L. Leukemia and has experienced a lot of treatments and doctor visits that have left him feeling a bit discouraged. Though he has had a rough time, Connor is a strong boy who is fighting against cancer and looking to come out on top.

Connor loves things that have to do with science, such as bugs, rocks and volcanoes. He enjoys taking pictures, playing on his iPad and playing games on the Wii.

When Connor came to A Wishing Place, he wished for a hot tub. He used to have a hot tub in his old home and enjoys the way the water soothes him and helps him feel better. With his very own hot tub, Connor will be able to take a break from hospitals, treatment and doctors, and have fun relaxing in the comforting warm water swirling around him.

President’s Message: UAPA Newsletter September 2013

I would be remiss if I did not take this chance to thank everyone who came out and supported the Utah Asphalt Pavement Association’s 2013 Golf Classic at Eaglewood Golf Course.  We had over 150 players and sold out of all of our sponsorships two weeks before we even teed off!  Thank you for that amazing level of support! 

As one of the marquee events for UAPA each year, the tournament serves an important purpose for our industry by allowing us to interact outside of the rigors and competitiveness of our industry.  Not to say that the competition was not fierce at the tournament, but it was great to see so many colleagues and friends enjoying a day at the course.  You can find pictures of the tournament and most of foursomes that played by visiting (and hopefully ‘liking’ UAPA’s Facebook page).
More importantly, with the funds that we collected both before and during the tournament, we were able to fulfill a wish of a Utah child suffering with a life-threatening medical condition.  Special thanks to Make-A-Wish Utah for partnering with UAPA to help make Connor’s dream come true (read more here).

With the golf tournament over, the 2014 Utah Asphalt Conference is right around the corner (February 26-27, 2014) and planning for the conference has already begun.  With over 500 attendees and two full days of education at last year’s conference, we have set the bar high for 2014.  Mark your calendars now for the Utah Asphalt Conference, and I hope to see you there for the next great event for our industry!

                                                                        Joe Johnson
Kilgore Companies
UAPA President

April 2013 – April 2014 

Executive Director’s Message: UAPA Newsletter September 2013

I was reminded of the importance of a good road the other day as I took advantage of Utah’s newly expanded 80 MPH speed limit zones on a trip down to St. George to visit with a member of the Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA).  Because I had a lot of time to think (I forgot the cord that connects my iPhone to the car’s stereo), I spent a good portion of the drive actually paying attention to the surface and condition of the road I was driving on.  Now this group is a little different, but that is an exercise that most of us probably never do, at least not on a regular basis!
As I pulled into my driveway that night, it was not the great-performing asphalt pavements that I saw that impressed me most (although there are a number of great sections of asphalt-paved roads between here and St. George!).  Rather, it was the impression of just how important our roads our to the lifeblood of our state, its economy, and its people.  In the simplest of terms, our roads make our life go.

And although that may be a very simple statement, it comes with a great deal of responsibility to ensure that we are doing our absolute best to design, engineer, produce, construct, and preserve roads that will perform and exceed our expectations.  As an association, this is what UAPA strives for each and every day.  We do this through small things such as making sure you receive the latest communications and updates through a newsletter, and we do it through large and monumental undertakings such as adopting new and proven technologies and specifications in the field.

I am drawn to this industry because it continually asks how it can become even better.  And I know that I am not alone in this sentiment.  That’s why in the coming months and years, you will see UAPA undertake this very question time and time again.  We are off to a good start with our revamped newsletter that you see here, but collectively we can do so much more.  Soon you will see an Industry Improvement Survey.  I hope you will take the time to give us some feedback so we can continue to grow as an association.  I hope you will continue to support our Lunch and Learn events throughout the rest of the year.  I hope that we will see you again at the 2014 Utah Asphalt Conference. 

More good things are coming for UAPA, but it does not happen without you.  The support of those who have already joined us has been invaluable.  If you have yet to join UAPA, the time is now.  Together, I know that we will continue to build some of the best roads in the entire nation.  Why else would the legislature let us go 80 MPH?
                                                                        -Reed Ryan
                                                                        Executive Director

                                                                        The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association         

Monday, September 9, 2013

Feds give money for Little Sahara road project

With federal funding obtained by Juab County, the Utah Bureau of Land Management is reconstructing the 16-mile road network in the Little Sahara Recreation Area, along with its access road from U.S. Highway 6.

The federal land agency expects to begin work next year paving and chip-sealing the roads inside the 60,000-acre area popular with ATV riders 30 miles north of Delta.