Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Executive Director's Message - February 2012

Thank you for welcoming me into the asphalt pavement family here in Utah. My wife and I have deep ties to the state and I am excited for the opportunity to return. While in Washington, D.C., my experiences in and around the federal government taught me many things. I hope to use those skills now as the Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA) takes the next steps as a growing association. 

Reed Ryan
Indeed, as UAPA begins to take those steps the vision of our organization remains clear: UAPA is committed to being the unified voice of the asphalt industry in Utah. To be that voice, I know that we will all have do to a lot of listening first. Together, let us listen to each other, let us listen to our customers, and let us listen to opinion leaders across the state. I am confident that as we engage in this exercise that the unification of our voice will come naturally and powerfully to those who will hear what it is we have to say.

As the executive director of UAPA, I stand ready to listen to you. You make our industry what it is today and what it will become tomorrow. I work for you. Let me hear what it is you have to say. Then, let us see what we can accomplish together. I know we can make a difference, and I am excited for what lies ahead.
Let's get to work.
                -Reed Ryan
                Utah Asphalt Pavement Association
                (801) 916-2426 cell

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